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Typical application

  • PCBAs production lines
  • ATE-controlled ISP programming
  • Hi-number of paneled PCBAs requiring ISP-Programming

General characteristics

  • Part of Manta Systems’ acclaimed NanoPlex Series of Relay Demultiplexers
  • Ultra-small size, only 51.0 x 66.5 mm
  • Designed for piggyback mounting, takes easly place in your Test Fixture
    NanoPlex is universal and compatible with all types of ISP-Programming tools


  • Very simple implementation of ISP programming to panels of PCBAs.
  • Multiply the number of your ISP-Programmer Channels for sequential device programming.
  • Provides galvanic isolation of your ISP programmer to target boards.
  • Ready to use Relays Demultiplexers save days/weeks of your workmanship when creating home-made systems.
  • Higher reliability, no need to wait long time in case of system fault.

General description

NP04-06A Universal ISP Relay Demultiplexer allows you to multiply the number of Channels of your ISP-Programmer by a factor of four with a galvanic isolation. The number of signals of any relays-switched-Channel is six. A dedicated GND is also provided for any single multiplied Channel. You can address one of the four Channels by using A1, A0 input control signals. ENA is also present and allows you to un-connect all relays-switched Cannels from you target PCBA.

Typical application diagram

NanoPlex Series model selection table

NanoPlex P/NNumber of ChannelsNumber of
Signals per Channel


All NanoPlex Series products are generally off-the-shelf.
Shipping within 24 hours from order reception.
Free shipping & 30-day money back guarantee.

About Manta Systems

Manta Systems is a leading company in the field of electrical signals management. Manta Systems mostly awarded line of products is NanoPlex™ Series of Universal ISP-Programming Demultiplers. NanoPlex is used on manufacturing lines of electronics boards, where a high number of ISP channels is required.